The firm Hidrokonzalt d.o.o. consulting and designing for infrastructure was founded in March 1996 in Split. It was registered at Commercial court as a limited responsibility company, 100% privately owned. The firm' headquarter was moved to Zagreb in 2008.

 The firm celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2011. During 15 years of work, the firm has done numerous jobs in the field of water supply, sewerage systems, irrigation and water protection, earned a reputation in the eyes of business partners and investors, and it grew from a firm with one employee to a firm that employs 10 people and has as much as 7 licensed civil engineers.

During 2010, the company met all the standards and got a certificate ISO 9001 for the system of quality, then certificate ISO 14.000: 2004 for the system of environmental protection which are applied in everyday’s tasks.

The firm is equipped with modern hardware and professional software which enables us to solve the most complex design tasks.

Hidrokonzalt d.o.o. is specialized for all kinds of consulting in utility hydrotechnic and water management. We particularly single out:

  • Feasibility studies, investment programmes and designs, and business plans,
  • All phases of designing: preliminary, main and implementation designs,
  • Building supervision,  
  • Complete consulting,
  • Consultancy services.


  • 7112 – consulting and  consultancy for infrastructure in Croatia and abroad, with g great emphasis on consulting and consultancy services in water management,
  • In 2005, the Ministry for agriculture, forestry and water resources management – Water economy administration issued an ordinance by which it gave its consent to the company Hidrokonzalt d.o.o. , so that it can do jobs of special importance for the water management, article 172, from the Law on waters, that is registered at Commercial court.


Beside the standard software (MICROSOFT OFFICE I AUTOCAD), the firm has the following licensed professional software which is used while working:

  1. STORM CAD -  modeling of sewerage systems,
  2. URBANO 7 –  modeling of sewerage and waterworks systems with designing SWMM - modeling of runoff of large quantities of water
  3. HEC RAS -  modeling of flowing in river beds,
  4. DUFLOW –modeling of flowing  and change in water quality in river beds,
  5. WATER CAD – modeling of waterworks systems,
  6. CULWERT MASTER – hydrological and hydraulic calculation of culvert and bridges
  7. FLOW MASTER – hydraulic calculations
  8. FINANCIAL AND INVESTMENT CALCULATOR – financial analyses in optimizing a system
  9. HITRANS – calculation of water hammer
  10. HYDROTEC – hydrological probability calculations




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